All About the Ball

All About the Ball, 2D Fine Art
All About the Ball
This is a digital watercolor painting. I want to do something, other than the obvious for passion. My dog inspired me. Her passion for playing with me is unmatched. I’m sure that if I never stopped, she would play herself to death.

2D Fine Art (Watercolor Painting)   20 x 16 x 1.5   $400.00   

A short statement of the proposed artwork's relationship to the theme of “Passion" (150-500 words).
This dog is highly passionate about play time, all the time!! Her favorite is tennis balls. She is constantly bringing them into my studio and wanting me to throw it while I’m working. One look in her eyes and I have to stop for a few mins to play with her. I throw the ball high into the air and she takes off with everything she has. Her legs lift her from this earth and in pure joy and passion she makes contact with the ball. Grabbing it in her mouth as she returns to the ground to do it all over again.