Passion: First date in person

Passion: First date in person, Poetry & Prose
Passion: First date in person
This is a poster with a black background, a horizontal color photograph at the top showing two pairs of hands joined over the hips, with the title Passion in red underneath and then followed by the poem

Poetry & Prose    24 x 18 x 0.01   $190.00   

A short statement of the proposed artwork's relationship to the theme of “Passion" (150-500 words).
The feeling of passion is exhilarating all the while the person subjected to it most of the time fathoms that this could go sideways if allowed to expand and take over mind, body and soul. Genuine passion, fully lived, is a potentially dangerous and could lead to a miscalculation in risk and danger as to the outcome. Being passionate about mountain climbing, deep-sea diving, arrow-shooting or breeding homing pigeons, or being passionately in love with a person can bring about a life of personal fulfillment, serenity, peace and joy, or it can totally destroy the self if the counterpart of such passion endangers or annihilates life. Passion is like gambling. You bet on red or black. You win or loose. This poem recounts my very first in-person encounter with a man with whom, for six weeks, I had only exchanged by email and telephone, but who had stirred up in me such a desire to know him in person, that across the oceans I accepted his invitation to come spend nine days at his house. My intellect yelled "you are crazy!" and my heart whispered "what if he is the ONE"? I took the chance to follow my passion and did not regret it for one second. We had eleven years, two months and seventeen days of passion gifted to us thanks to listening to our hearts, rather than our minds. I could not imagine where I would be without this experience.