kiss, 3D Fine Art
Sculpture made of terracotta fired at 980 degrees, patinated and placed on a wooden base. The sculpture reflects the approach of two faces to kiss

3D Fine Art (Free Standing Sculpture)   25 x 21 x 15   $1,200.00   

A short statement of the proposed artwork's relationship to the theme of “Passion" (150-500 words).
The representation of the kiss has always been an icon that universally reflects the most romantic love. The history of art is full of examples in which different artists have reflected the kiss. In my case, I use the resources of the unfinished and the use of the fragment to accentuate the expressiveness of the moment, the movement of the scene. On the other hand, it represents the moment before the kiss, it does not reflect the kiss itself, but the exact moment that precedes it. This fact accentuates the passion of the scene. The effect of patinated terracotta, highlighting the gesture of the modeling process, gives the sculpture a spontaneous and fresh character.