The Discovery

The Discovery, 2D Fine Art
The Discovery
This a a mixed-media drawing primarily with Copic marker and colored pencil. It is a part of my on-going illustrative series "Transitions" which explores crucial moment's in a child's development. I use fantasy to illustrate a child's emotional world, and their reactions to growth.

2D Fine Art (Drawing)   18 x 24   $3,200.00    http://gracenetanya....  

A short statement of the proposed artwork's relationship to the theme of “Passion" (150-500 words).
"The Discovery" is about a child becoming aware of our big, wonderful world. the drawing is meant to depict an "child's-eye" view of the world, exaggerated and exciting, without any danger. This is the first time that humans fully experience "passion", as our self-awareness reaches the point that we become aware of the world outside ourselves. We develop a sense of who "we" are, in comparison to the world around us, and we begin to determine what we value and what we want from this world. As a young child, we see only potential, and our passion for life is untainted by the weariness of age.